Wednesday, October 13, 2010


For my hair to grow longer!!! :D

This is my happy face,
And my hair is this long.

Oh well, yeah I know my hair is pretty long... My dad thinks I should get my hair cut soon but dad, not yet. I'm waiting for my hair to reach my waist. Cos I'm going to cut my hair off - not - I'm going to donate 30 cm of my hair to one lucky cancer survivors.

You know they need hair. They have to pass this kind of chemotherapy and lose their hair. So I'm going to help them :) I'll donate my hair to American Cancer Society I think, because I don't know if Indonesians still donate their hair to Indonesian Cancer Society. Then one lucky survivor will get my hair in.... a wig!

Oh well,
Can't wait to help them, really.


  1. awesome helping normal things.

  2. cool!
    ya know, i think just 1:100 who thinks about other thing like donate to the cancer survivors
    but you are the 1 in the 100 :D
    you're great!
    unfortunately, i dunno why my hair cant grow longgggg... it's always short :(

  3. thats so nice of u! i wish my hair cud grow faster so i cud also donate! :)

  4. how to donate ?
    i want to do the same ! Really ! :)

  5. this inspiring me to do the same thing. How to do?

  6. Just make sure you don't dye it or color treat your hair because then they won't accept it.