Sunday, October 10, 2010


Talking about world peace these days,
Some say:
"Impossible. We're different to each other."
"Easy to be said, hard to be done. Exactly."
"Non-sense. World peace can never happen."

But I think, if you don't throw your negative thoughts about world peace away, how will you support world peace then?
I know it's hard, but doesn't mean it's impossible, no?

I'm tired of hearing "war here war there." Isn't it just more beautiful to have a peaceful earth? The one without war, the one without hatred. Only love. God has created us to love each other, not to hate.
So please guys, if you think you still hate your friends, your parents or anyone else. STOP! Start loving them.

If you live to hate,
You'll never learn how to love.

People have screamed. People have yelled. THEY WANT PEACE.

If you support world peace,
Well I have made this badge. Please save and copy this badge on your webs: your blog, facebook, tweet it on your twitter or whatsoever. PLEASE!

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