Sunday, October 10, 2010

rocked the night out \m/

So I went to watch Java Rocking Land last night. It was simply incredible.

Something was missing though,
We were supposed to watch Dashboard Confessional together. We were. But too bad you couldn't make it. Yesterday could be the first time we'd meet and also the first time you'd hug me.

But anyways,
I took a photo of Chris. He was simply amazing in that picture. Nothing could ever beat his voice and the way he played the songs - the way he sang. The way he played with his guitar, duh. Dashboard Confessional really rocked the night out - no kidding, seriously. They were effing great. I was really, really satisfied with their playing. An hour wasn't enough. And I should've met them in person. I should've taken pictures with them and got their signs. I SHOULD HAVE. I would pay just to meet them in person.

Really did wish you were there.
Really did wish I could hug you when Chris sang the song Stolen,
The song I gave you months ago...........
And then, I hoped you would realize the meaning behind the song I gave you,
That you...... have stolen my heart.

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