Thursday, September 30, 2010

half of me is you

Everyone wants to feel loved. So do I.

I love to be loved,
But the question is, what if the one I love doesn't love me back?
Simple answer, you can't always make people love you. It's their lives, not yours. And that's the consequence lovers must take. Love is risky.

So here I am with half of my heart. Yes, you've got my other half and it's with you.
Still the same guy I've always talked about.. still the same guy that has always known how to make me smile, still the same guy I've always adored.

Still the same guy I wish would tell me those three words back at me,
Yes only at me.
I love you.

When? :(

So the question you might like to answer:
Describe the word love in three words. Yep as usual, write it on the 'comments' under the post.

Monday, September 27, 2010

paperplanes hold your dreams high

Talking about dreams.
Some wanna be doctors, some wanna be architects, some wanna be teachers, some wanna be businessmen/women, some wanna be housewives, some wanna be technicians.
In my case, I wanna be a philosopher.

But when I told my mom so, she went, "Are you joking? What kind of job are you gonna have if you take philosophy in the university? No. Please take a 'normal' major for yourself. For everyone's sake."

But then I thought, "Screw what people think of what I'm gonna be. It's my life, it's me. I'm the one ruling, living, enjoying and rocking my life. Who are you to ruin my life?"

I know for some people it's really hard not to stick with what their parents have prepared for their future journeys. But really, I myself think, sometimes in life all that you've to do is break the rules, to get what you want, to know what the meaning of life really is - and yes, to enjoy your life too.
"Love whatever you do, there you won't distress yourself."
Always keep that in mind. If you DON'T like what you do or what you're gonna do, how are you going to survive?

So let's see... answer this question. Yeah, write your answer on the 'comments'. :)
What do you wanna be when you grow up? And do you think you'll be THE ONE you've always wanted to be?

p p p playground

Was bored to death. So decided to take some pictures. :)
Well, gotta post another story that's more interesting. Keep updated!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

little things she needs

Guys I need your help, please please please see my video right under this post.
Then if you have any comments or suggestions, please write it on the post's 'comment', or simply type it on my tagboards.

So.... i just bought these two pairs of flat shoes today. I am oh so stoked!!

Well, there's another thing I wanna buy at Forever21 though. Was a cardigan, and it WAS seriously cute. Costed 289 IDR, but then I realized I only had 250 IDR in my wallet. :|
Yes i have wasted my money a lot.. guess i need to stop now.

Anyways I just edited one of my picture. And I looooooooove it.

:) happy weekend darlings!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

When I'm older...

1) I want to be a philosopher
Yes I know my mom wouldn't be really happy to see me become a philosopher. But screw it, I'm the one rocking my life. I really wanna be like Aristotle. He was effing smart and open minded. Hmm.. wondering how cool it'd be to be like him.

2) I want a Ph.D after my name
Yes, this one should totally happen. Amen :D

3) I want to buy a house (yes, like the one in Beverly Hills) and give it to my parents
I really know that however hard I'm gonna work, my money will never be enough to pay everything they've done to me.

4) I want to be kissed under the rain
Yep, with the man I'm in love with of course.

5) I want to be given a skywriting
Yep, just like this one. Wouldn't it be oh-so-romantic?

6) I want to be proposed like this

7) I want a happy life
Who doesn't? Not saying my life sucks, I'm happy with my life, but I'll be happier if my life can be better. And yes, I want my family and friends to be happy too. What's the point of being happy all alone?

8) When I die, I want to die with a smile on my face
Because to me, it means you truly rest in peace that way.

So tell me yours. Write your dreams on your blog, and simply link me your blog on the Tagboard of mine. I'll be really happy to read them. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This picture of mine.

That someone's been asking for.

Kipi the Caterpillar

I proudly present you the loveliest caterpillar ever! I found kipi weeks ago at my granny's house. This used to be my favorite fluff when I was in primary school. I thought I lost it but I've found it yay! :D It was stuck in my old cupboard at granny's house. :3 oh how I love you Kipi! Kipi's been sleeping with me these two days, seems like he's pretty comfortable.

Ok hi, the name is Kipi. Tiffy just made it today, Saturday 9/11

Ok so I thought it would be fun to play with her macbook ;)

But I don't know how to get it on. Let's just walk.

Ok perhaps her Blackberry and iPhone would be easier to use.

She just turned her macbook on!!! Let's see.

Everything's boring.. let's just chill in the cupboard.

Now I'm gonna play with the tissue.

Kipi the Caterpillar. Cute, no?

Ohhh, even though this cupboard is nice, but I miss my old cupboard :(

But I'm happy to be home again.. with Tiffy!! :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

Old Bands That Never Die \m/

1. Linkin Park
Oh man, i've always loved this band since i was in primary school, believe it or not. I believe most of you have too! Their songs never bore me, they are simply the bomb! They've been rocking for nearly 14 years and.... yeah, they rock. From Papercut to Numb, to What i've done and to The Catalyst.

2. Greenday

3. Simple Plan

DEFINITELY! Who the hell doesn't like them anyways? Well i basically love the old Simple Plan. Their songs truly represented the youths' souls. Not saying their new songs don't represent us tho. Oh i even had them for my literature project when i was in year 9. And in 2008, i effing watched them live in Jak!Jam 2008. Oh guess what, believe it or not i met them in person. I got to meet them at the meet and greet! Thanks for my aunty, she helped me meet them. ;)

4. Blink 182

Helljea. Nothing beats their "I'm Lost Without You". ;)

5. SUM 41

Can't believe I was once deadly in love with Derick Whibley, the lead vocalist. GRAAAAH. He's damn hot btw.

#18 Someone I wish I could be

No particular reason, sometimes I just wish I were her.

Thursday, September 9, 2010



It is never easy to get an inspiration.


And I do think I'm now losing my inspirations. Like you know... it was easy for me to find inspirations that I could write a novel myself - but yes, it was accidentally deleted by my cousin. It was cheesy tho, so I was kinda grateful that my cousin deleted it.

I plan on writing another book. But when people ask me, "What kind of book are you going to write?" I'm all like, "Yeah that's the problem. I don't know. I don't even know what kind of topic I'm going for."

I originally planned to start writing when this Lebaran holiday started. Two days have passed, and blank page is still in front of me. But why is it so easy for me to find inspirations when I doodle? I've drawn six different doodling these two days.
Well.. turns out I'm gonna have to think, think, think and think.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Enak ya jadi gedung tinggi ini,
Tidak perlu jatuh,
Tidak perlu menangis,
Tidak perlu menitikkan air mata

Paling kalau gedungnya sudah tua


Mati tidak harus tidak bernapas
Mati..... bagi saya, tidak hidup,
Secara rohani - itu yang ingin saya katakan

Ya, mati tapi hidup
Semua orang pasti pernah merasakannya
Tidak produktif, tidak bisa tersenyum - apalagi tertawa, tidak hidup

Seperti dua wayang itu
Dipermainkan sepanjang hidupnya
Tidak melawan

Tapi beberapa bilang,
"Mati itu pasti lebih menggembirakan."

Bagaimana jika kita menyesal ketika nanti kita menutup mata?

Friday, September 3, 2010

iAdios Mi Hermana!

So yeah.. my sister left for United States today. And it sure did drive me nuts.
Living my days without her sure shall.. kill me badly. You know, maybe if she was still in Jakarta at this very moment, she wouldn't be here, at home, with me. She'd be out with her boyfriend and friends, hanging around and having fun since it's Friday night. But I'd not complaint, because I know she'd be there with me at night anyway.

I've had her for my entire life... and I'd still her tomorrow, next week, next month, next year... next century.

I love her so much.
She is the first person I run to when I break down.
She is the first person I share my stories.
She is the first person to know if I'm not okay.
She is the first person to know if I'm happy.
She is always the first person to know me better than I know myself.


Hell i promised her not to cry because she'd leave. But now I am. At this very moment, while typing this. Can't help my tears no more.. I've missed her already.
It may be hard for you to find a good sister, because the best is already mine.