Friday, September 10, 2010

Old Bands That Never Die \m/

1. Linkin Park
Oh man, i've always loved this band since i was in primary school, believe it or not. I believe most of you have too! Their songs never bore me, they are simply the bomb! They've been rocking for nearly 14 years and.... yeah, they rock. From Papercut to Numb, to What i've done and to The Catalyst.

2. Greenday

3. Simple Plan

DEFINITELY! Who the hell doesn't like them anyways? Well i basically love the old Simple Plan. Their songs truly represented the youths' souls. Not saying their new songs don't represent us tho. Oh i even had them for my literature project when i was in year 9. And in 2008, i effing watched them live in Jak!Jam 2008. Oh guess what, believe it or not i met them in person. I got to meet them at the meet and greet! Thanks for my aunty, she helped me meet them. ;)

4. Blink 182

Helljea. Nothing beats their "I'm Lost Without You". ;)

5. SUM 41

Can't believe I was once deadly in love with Derick Whibley, the lead vocalist. GRAAAAH. He's damn hot btw.

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