Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kipi the Caterpillar

I proudly present you the loveliest caterpillar ever! I found kipi weeks ago at my granny's house. This used to be my favorite fluff when I was in primary school. I thought I lost it but I've found it yay! :D It was stuck in my old cupboard at granny's house. :3 oh how I love you Kipi! Kipi's been sleeping with me these two days, seems like he's pretty comfortable.

Ok hi, the name is Kipi. Tiffy just made it today, Saturday 9/11

Ok so I thought it would be fun to play with her macbook ;)

But I don't know how to get it on. Let's just walk.

Ok perhaps her Blackberry and iPhone would be easier to use.

She just turned her macbook on!!! Let's see.

Everything's boring.. let's just chill in the cupboard.

Now I'm gonna play with the tissue.

Kipi the Caterpillar. Cute, no?

Ohhh, even though this cupboard is nice, but I miss my old cupboard :(

But I'm happy to be home again.. with Tiffy!! :D