Saturday, September 25, 2010

little things she needs

Guys I need your help, please please please see my video right under this post.
Then if you have any comments or suggestions, please write it on the post's 'comment', or simply type it on my tagboards.

So.... i just bought these two pairs of flat shoes today. I am oh so stoked!!

Well, there's another thing I wanna buy at Forever21 though. Was a cardigan, and it WAS seriously cute. Costed 289 IDR, but then I realized I only had 250 IDR in my wallet. :|
Yes i have wasted my money a lot.. guess i need to stop now.

Anyways I just edited one of my picture. And I looooooooove it.

:) happy weekend darlings!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Tiffany. I have followed you on Twitter and add you at Facebook. I've visited your Tumblr too. And I love it.
    Em, I wanna ask now. How to edit picture like this? (your photo above). I like that ;)
    Thanks before. :)

    PS: You're so gorgeous.