Monday, September 27, 2010

paperplanes hold your dreams high

Talking about dreams.
Some wanna be doctors, some wanna be architects, some wanna be teachers, some wanna be businessmen/women, some wanna be housewives, some wanna be technicians.
In my case, I wanna be a philosopher.

But when I told my mom so, she went, "Are you joking? What kind of job are you gonna have if you take philosophy in the university? No. Please take a 'normal' major for yourself. For everyone's sake."

But then I thought, "Screw what people think of what I'm gonna be. It's my life, it's me. I'm the one ruling, living, enjoying and rocking my life. Who are you to ruin my life?"

I know for some people it's really hard not to stick with what their parents have prepared for their future journeys. But really, I myself think, sometimes in life all that you've to do is break the rules, to get what you want, to know what the meaning of life really is - and yes, to enjoy your life too.
"Love whatever you do, there you won't distress yourself."
Always keep that in mind. If you DON'T like what you do or what you're gonna do, how are you going to survive?

So let's see... answer this question. Yeah, write your answer on the 'comments'. :)
What do you wanna be when you grow up? And do you think you'll be THE ONE you've always wanted to be?


  1. when i grow up i want to be a travel photographer/musician the passion and love, i just can't neglect it, but i don't think i'll be the one i've always wanted to be :(

  2. I wanna be a gr8 computer programmer..../ mad photographer / wanna make ppl mad by writing 2-3books ..... :)

  3. I want to be a good housewife and mother.beside that i want to have a showroom of my handmade.i hope what i'm majoring now is match with what i want to be :)
    keep praying tiff and God will show you the best

  4. I wanna be a writer although I'm still 14. :)
    And dreams are never too far, aren't they?

  5. I wanna be a pianist and photographer C; and by the way i love your blog, tiffany!


  6. I wanna be a doctor haha just like my mom said to me when I was child :)
    Good luck, tiff. I hope you can reach your dreams :D

  7. I wanna be a doctor , but sometimes i wanna be a psychologist or tour guide , my dream always change and not yet permanent but if i can find my dream someday , i will trying to raise my dream ! :)

  8. when I grow up I just want to be myself,and being proud with everything that I have (:

  9. Couldn't agree more. You are right about this is my life, it's me the director for my life, screw of what people think. I have done that few years ago. I break what my parent's rule. They forced me to go to university takin Law as my major, but then I quit, now I go with my own decision taking Broadcast.

    I want to be a great fashon/photography entrepreneur. I believe I'll be BIG someday.

    I do love with one travel writer quote, she said : If you don't take your own dream seriously, then who will ?

  10. I want to be a sensational author, one that people remember even after a long time, one that leaves her mark in the world of literacy, one that touches the heart of others and one that inspires the life of others.

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  13. one thing I wanna have in the future, perfect family and be a successful man in whatever carrier I gonna have in the future

    but I am not sure that I will be what I always wanted to be. DESIGNER. either fashion or interior. or even better both! its gonna be dream, so when it's not my fate to be so, just let them be a dream forever


  14. I want to be a writer and a photographer. But there are so many obstacles. And it was too late because I already graduated with a bachelor degree in compsci. I dont love my course. Before I realized what I wanted to do in life It was too late.

    So you, tiffany, think hard, ok?
    Follow your heart even when other people disapprove. Imagine yourself, 5 or 10 years from now.. where do you want to be?

    Godbless u.


  15. i wanna be just like the water flow.
    as now i worked in a place that i dun like to be, but this is my decision that i've made.
    but still have tought that i'll get a job that a really <3 with great friends too ^^