Thursday, September 30, 2010

half of me is you

Everyone wants to feel loved. So do I.

I love to be loved,
But the question is, what if the one I love doesn't love me back?
Simple answer, you can't always make people love you. It's their lives, not yours. And that's the consequence lovers must take. Love is risky.

So here I am with half of my heart. Yes, you've got my other half and it's with you.
Still the same guy I've always talked about.. still the same guy that has always known how to make me smile, still the same guy I've always adored.

Still the same guy I wish would tell me those three words back at me,
Yes only at me.
I love you.

When? :(

So the question you might like to answer:
Describe the word love in three words. Yep as usual, write it on the 'comments' under the post.


  1. Love is... relative, painful and healing.
    Maybe to be exact, love in three words is... a healthy pain.

    Was bored, decided to stalk your blog :3 Hello!

  2. Love is undefined.

  3. Love has no Boundaries,Human cant choose for the whom that they fall in love include you. When u love someone,we cant be egoist and expect that person will love us back,because sometimes love is how to let go cz this live is for rent from God.if god doesnt give him as u'r other halg,God must will give the better person for u

  4. for me, love is magic, unfailing, and.. him (ok, this personal).. another word is fun! (u never bored when u love).. :)

  5. you can't describe love!
    you can only feel it!

  6. faithful , patient and always there around you C: