Saturday, October 23, 2010


Everybody lies. Truth.
I did. I still do. Well, I don't really tell lies "lies". How about white lies then?

Ok talking about white lies... they're still lies anyways. However white, however clean the lies you tell, they're still lies anyways.
You ask if they hurt. Well, yes: if you don't know if they're actually lying, but soon you know. And no: if you know they're lying, but they still lie anyway.

Sometimes you just wanna laugh at those liars who keep on lying to you, even when you know they really are. You don't wanna tell them that you know - not because you don't have the guts to, you do; but you wanna know how hard they'll break down because they do lie to you.

Yep, you. I just wanna tell you one thing.
I believe in you. I put my trust in you.
Just please, don't break it.

Because once you break it, it's hard to you to get the privilege back.


  1. Wah keren nih tiff, sukses ya sama si "YOU" ahahhahaakk

  2. sir i read your blogs and i realize your blog described very well what is the white lies and this is the summary of my eyes which are as-

    "White" lies are socially acceptable. They have always been socially acceptable. We simply cannot imagine it any other way. From lying to your boss about being sick to telling your child that you don't have any cookies when you really do. These "little" lies continue day in and day out without anyone hardly "batting an eyelash." Why? Consider the long-term effect of "white" lies. When someone tells us they are not feeling well, we may be more inclined to think they are lying to get out of something rather than to be concerned about their health. Why should I bother being concerned about this person's health just to be "suckered" yet again? When we lie, no matter how "innocent" we believe our lies are, we are contributing to the breakdown of trust in our society.