Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Alright, here we go.
Pff, to be honest my hands are sweating and shaking right now. After a year I signed off from Blogger, I'm finally on again, with different me.

I do have a dream, and my dream is to have a dream.

We all have dreams. I do have dreams. But sometimes, we just don't know what to do with those 'dreams'.
Some of us may think, dreams are just dreams, and they are unreal. But to tell, dreams encourage you to do better in life.
They encourage you to catch what you have always wanted, even the impossible ones.

Believe, in dream everything is possible.
And believe it too, that in life everything is possible.

Don't stop fantasizing, because fantasizing leads to dreaming. Don't stop dreaming, because dreaming leads to succeeding.
-Tiffany William

You see, dreaming is free. So is fantasizing.
But never forget to make them come true. If you have tried your best but it still sucks, don't break down,
Because God will take the rest. ;)

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