Friday, August 20, 2010


Okay so.
Weeks ago, I got this question on Formspring:
Tiffany, your life seems to be so perfect. I envy you.

It got me thinking for a while, yeah it really did. I asked my self, "If it's perfect, I won't have to cry anymore. I won't have to break down anymore. I will just smile every time, without any burden."

And I don't even want to be perfect. Because perfection is... boring.

1. I barely brush my hair because i just like the way it is
2. My hair is always messed up, so is my bedroom
3. I still piss people off
4. I still annoy my friends
5. I talk bad stuffs with my brother - and yes i like it
6. I can cry and laugh at the same time - and it's not weird anyway
7. I wish. I always keep on wishing - even if i know it's not going to happen
8. I am sixteen and i still wear my doraemon pajamas
9. I always get really melancholy at night
10. Just a song could make me cry days and nights
11. I still wait until 11.11 - just to see if someone is missing me
12. My nightmare still frighten me
13. I keep on blabbing when i'm nervous
14. I sometimes piss my teachers off

15. I am in love with an imperfect person - and that makes me imperfect

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