Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I believe He always forgives whatever we do wrong. But sometimes, this thing comes up to my mind: What if I've done wrong too much and I get to be unforgivable?
Oh yes, it stresses me out so much.

Like last night,
Maybe you fellow Indonesians have known a bit about @adit_FPI on Twitter, what he's done wrong. Was I mad? Oh eys, so much. I thought I couldn't even forgive him, since he's mocked my God, my religion, what I believe a little bit too much.
What on earth people who don't know anything about Christianity COULD mock our God? Like come on, dude. We stand for one nation, we're all the same. Oh, it got me secretly laughing too. He mocked my God, yes, and I could only rub my chest and say, "Relax Tiff, even God's not mad at all.", WHAT IF it was about HIS GOD being mocked? What'd he do then?

Then I found this
Don't be misled - you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plan.
Yep, I don't have the right to judge him, but He has.

:( God once again, I'm sorry to ever hate a person because he mocked you.

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