Saturday, August 21, 2010


I've been asked to write this one post - dedicated just for my two gay friends. Well, actually not gay friends, guy friends, Brian Adam (@bra_yeun) and Wilson Kanadi (@wilzkanadi)

I met them online. Never thought they wrote quotes like i do, turns out they do too! :) and it's been a pleasure to be friends with them. We joke and talk about stupid stuffs a lot. Oh well - we talk about Brian & Wilson's relationship too. -Just joking, they're not really in love.
Well maybe they are, but just as best friends i suppose. I don't know if they have feelings for each other more than that though. HAHAHAHA

Some people have asked me if I'm in love with them. Well yeah, maybe I am, but only as a best friend. No longer than that. They've been there to listen to my blabbing - my feeling.
Oh, I have already had someone in mind anyway, that's why. :)

So don't ask me, never again, a question:
Are you in a relationship with either Wilson Kanadi or Brian Adam?
The answer will be No, I'm not.

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