Friday, November 12, 2010

living in a dream

People believe some dreams are not meant to come true. Really then? I don't know. Yeah perhaps my dreams haven't all come true. But doesn't mean one day, one of my dreams will come true.

To me, if my dreams are not to come true, the hell with it. I've still got more dreams to reach, to work for. I don't understand why some people would just... stop dreaming. When you decide to stop dreaming, it means you decide to give up your everything.

World peace. One of my dreams is to make world peace. Join me? Let's just start in our community. Start loving, stop hating. Remember, if you live to hate, you'll never learn to love.

To be with you is one of my dreams too. :)


  1. hmm, i thought that be a dreamer is not a bad idea..
    i always dreaming if my life was a fairy tale and im the author of my tale.
    I can set all happiness in more much time and also set the sadness in less of my life time.
    but i sure that's never will be happen.

    i agree with your dream lets make the world peace :D

  2. so cool !
    love it so ><