Tuesday, July 6, 2010

not a year

only if you were still mine, i'd have sent you this cardboard :)

July 7 2009 - July 7 2010
Well, today could have been our first anniversary.
But no, you're not mine anymore. Am i still sad? Well, nope. Told you i'd already moved on, and i'm pretty much.. happy with the new chapter of my life. Teehe. Really, no kidding.
A year has passed, so many things have changed. I have changed, you have changed... they have changed, but the memories stay the same.

I'm happy that you've found a new girlfriend. And i hope, she will be a better girlfriend than i was to you. I hope that you guys will be an everlasting, loving, and happy couple.

I just wish we could be best friends like we were.. but where have you been?
You have not talked to me like for.. let's see, two months? Just wanna tell you that if you ever need me to talk, well yes, as a best friend, i will always be here, available. 


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