Monday, July 26, 2010

hola amigos!

Miss me not? hahaha. i know i haven't been on here in forever, so i thought i'd update this suppah blog. :)

Another school year has started. and i'm now officially a social-studies student. proud? OH HELL YES. who says social-studies students are stupid? they're not! some of us are just not interested in science, that's why we choose social-studies over science. never underestimate the power of social studies students >:D mwahaha.

oops, sorry for being random.

So last saturday, there was this kind of open house at school. and i had to like.. give a presentation about our spanish class to the juniors and their parents. fun? well not really. i gave them this kind of 'quick 3 minutes spanish tutorial' and i had to tutor them for about 20 times. you know how hard it is to speak in spanish, no? -.-

Yeah, was fun at school. i had a great weekend after all. oh if you know @helloelvia, your another favorite quoter, she came over to my house. photowhored AHHHH-LOT. :)
Pictures coming up. shall be on the next post :)

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