Monday, December 6, 2010


Talking about the word 'two', what comes up in your mind besides the number after 1?

Well to me:
1. Two eyes to look after
2. Two ears to listen to
3. Two hands to hold on
4. Two feet to stand by you
5. Two words that bring you up and down: hate and love
6. Two persons who support you most: mom and dad
7. Two fathers you have: God and your biological father
8. Two of a kind: YOU and I
9. Two different persons to gather as one: YOU and I
10. Two hearts to gather as one: YOURS and MINE
11. Two dreams that will come true: OUR
12. Two lives that worth more than everything: OUR
13. Two journeys that become as one: OUR

So the question now is:
what comes up in your mind besides the number after 1? Like usual, answer on the comment box. :)


  1. 2.two stars that fell down: her eyes
    2.two substances of our love: trust and forgiveness
    2.two things which make me an insomniac: her smile and her cry
    2.two persons who never lie: God and I(to her)
    2.two things I can't dream without: She and I (being together)
    2.two: She and Herself

  2. two is better than one.. two is symbol of completely :)
    imagine if u just only one in this big world?
    what can u do? i think nothing :)

  3. two person that we can trust : parents and GOD
    two person that beside us always : GOD and parents
    two person that we needed in the world : friend and parents

  4. two = only a simple number..
    but has a lot means..
    two make us won't alone..
    two = less than 3..

  5. two person, stand out for love.
    two worlds, the life and the death.
    two story, when it comes to girls and boys' eyes.
    two start line: Mom's stomach and Earth.
    two destination: GOD and heaven.
    two hearts, trying to find out what they exactly feel to each other.

  6. Two little feet that run around.. ?